On the surface, Urban Umpires is a cutting edge multimedia company that has experienced 400+% growth since its establishment. Our company consists of some of the most innovative, experienced, and trusted talent in the entertainment industry. Additionally, we directly contract with and hold personal relationships with many of the worlds leading entertainment staples. We recruit talent from all areas of the world and because of this, we offer versatility that is unmatched in the industry. We are the “one stop shop” for all your multimedia needs. Our range of expertise extends throughout the areas of audio production, video production, beat production, commercial media audio, event promotions, audio/visual content etc. (please click “services” for full list of services). Let us take you and your vision to the next level. URBAN UMPIRES: THE FOUNDATION OF A REVOLUTION Urban Umpires is the brainchild of Umpire Founder Just Jay. The organization was built on the idea that “For Every player, There’s an Umpire” or in other terms – for every individual or endeavor there is a person who came before you that paved the way. In Hip-Hop almost everyone coins themselves as a player, but to be an Umpire you have to have extended knowledge of the game and have had to already played it (and played it well) with integrity and skill throughout. Thus, Umpires have passed simply playing the game. The Umpires thrive in a never-ending respect for the founders of artistry and the artists who filled out the worldwide body of Hip-Hop specifically – but other genres also. This does not extend to promotion of vanity because Umpires realize no matter how much one individual contributes – no game is played and no call is settled by one individual. More to the point “Skillz NOT Image” is what counts to the Umpires fam. So simply having a blind following or un-original but sellable style will not do. True art from an unknown but dedicated individual is always preferred over empty/copycat commercialized skill level, BIG name, BIG head and BIG reputation any day. A person constantly screaming “I’m the best” often needs to scream it to cover a sloppy play. Umpires tend to let their art speak for itself. Why? You can’t fake skillz. The eclectic blend of Umpires from all over the world spanning multiple genres speaks to this never ending commitment as well as all of the Umpires musical endeavors. Those with vision, drive, and a desire to enhance their artistry are the Players in what is ultimately the Game of the entertainment industry. What has been lacking in many circles are the Umpires, who are ultimately the ones who market, produce, enhance, direct, and nurture the visions of the players. Without the right backing the concept….the song….the commercial…the venue — The Vision — can never reach its full potential. During Just Jay’s 15+ years in the industry (working on both sides of the bench) he came to see the pros and cons of how the status quo was being upheld. He had the vision to see the downward spiral that the audio and music industry was taking and pinpointed what the problem was. He ultimately conspired with artists Coup D’ville and Various Blends (artists EB.F. aka RasCue and Friz-B) who shared his vision. Later with an unanimous vote, DJ CrushDelight was inducted as a Senior Umpire also. The Senior Umpires alone have over 75+ years of combined hands on experience in all of Urban Umpires areas of service. They have collaborated with many of the artists and producers that are cornerstones in the industry throughout the years and are respected staples themselves. In addition to Urban Umpires Senior members there are the many other talented Umpires. No less a contributing factor to the overall success of the Umpires organization Amad Jamal aka Tom Bradley, Prince Po (of Organized Konfusion), Mark Stretch aka Peter Parker (of Foreign Legion), Grand the Visitor (vocal portion of Homeliss Derilex and 2nd ever Stones Throw release), Turbin ( tours with Planet Asia), and Cold Showda are staples in the Umpire Fam. Each brings their own unique brand of skill – none are comparable to the other. So why were these individuals chosen to be Umpires when so many other talented individuals (both widely known and unknown) were and are passed over? The answer to that falls in what truly defines an Umpire. What’s the definition of an Urban Umpire? Ur-ban Um-pire: noun An individual who exemplifies artistry, leadership, longevity, originality and a solid sense of respect for others and their craft.