JUST JAY aka JUST JIGGA Founder and CEO of Urban Umpires INC.

“Being in New York I learned early that having skills was not enough. You can not expect other people to put you on – so I decided to do it myself . My dream is to focus on the skillz and not the image…”
DJ for 15 years
Emcee for 15 years
Event Promoter for 13 years
Event Planner for 13 years
Producer for 12 Years
Director, Videographer and Editor
DJ/Producer Diamond Jewels (w/ Grand V)
The Solution (DJ w/ Amad Jamal)

Once, when asked to describe himself and his rise from a child with a deep love for music to a world renowned DJ, Producer, and entrepreneur Just Jay modestly states:

“I grew up poor. There is not much to tell…”

There is a lot to be said about motivation. Managing not to get caught up in the hum of the streets. Managing not to waste your talent.

“I always wanted more…….”

With a gift to recognize and create great music, to help artists and musicians to put their music to beats that enhance, titillate, and stimulate the senses – he was driven.

Just Jay began DJing 91 and has never looked back since. He started because of his love of breakbeats. He says, “I sat at a drum set when I was like four. The guy that owned it saw I liked beating on it so much that he gave me a set of bongos. I still have them to this day. I guess that is what I liked about breakbeats, the drums….”

From there he got into funk, disco, and underground Hip Hop. A taste for artists such as Africa Bambatta, Biz Markee, and old school artists such as James Brown, Prince and Steavie Wonder, as well as Jimi Hendrix, Janes Addiction, DJ Kool Herc, DJ Jazzy Jay, Run DMC and the great Jam Master J. has created in Just Jay a beat master – with a keen ability to create a dope beat.

“The ability to express the inner sanctum of my soul is what makes me love mixing and making beats…”

As Just Jay progressed with his art he found that artists and companies were willing to work with him, listen to him, and let him plan and promote shows because they believed he had the talent to deliver. He did deliver – Time and time again. Beginning in 94 he planned and promoted shows in Boston and Manhattan and over time all over the country. The exposure he had with artists and companies started him on the road to collaborations with individuals that desired that he put his mark on the production of their music. This led into producing in 95.

“It took me many years to acquire my own personal home studio…”

He was struck on the first taste. Just Jay recognized he had an ear for what people wanted to hear as a DJ and made the natural progression into making what he was playing. Although influenced heavily from the borough of Brooklyn, his travels through out the world continue to add to the diversity in his production and DJ style. Yet he knew that if any vision he had would succeed he would have to force his game to the next level.

“If you want something, you have got to go out and get it. Do not expect it to come to you……”

It was a lesson he learned well in New York City, and he carried it with him through out his travels. It is also what caused him to found Urban Umpires. The day came when he had to decide if he would conform or create. Conform to the cookie cutter -commercial- type trends that are fleeting and not timeless in the least – bending his artistic will, creating substandard beats and -simple- mixes that would simply do the job, OR create music that would shame those producing fabricated beats and mixes and encourage the return to the Art Form.

Just Jay chose to create.

What he created was a revolutionary company that combined the necessity for musical compilations, artists, producers, audio/visual content, promoters, DJs, videographers, insight/access into a steadily growing market and culture – with the ability to create a bridge between corporate and industry interests along with virtually every other imaginable resource!

What Just Jay created was a One Stop Shop for media entertainment of every kind! An organization where virtually every major player in the industry has some level of tie or association – often spanning decades. A company that can handle everything from production to marketing and specializes in mutually beneficial mergers. Just Jay manifested the collaboration of virtually every possible avenue into the worldwide entertainment highway known as Urban Umpires.

He hand picks every individual that his clients will be engaged with and strives to continuously deliver above expectations.

As you read the bios of the Umpires and familiarize yourselves with the Urban Umpires creeds of “Skillz NOT Image”, “Educating the Masses” and the like. As you indulge in the lyrical sounds, videos, and musical compilations, you are experiencing a slice of a vision. The vision and manifestations of one mans accomplishments and dream meshed and weaved with the intense fountain of resources brought by the others. Each piece unique and magnificent. Each enhancing the other.

He has begun creation of the future ‹ partnered with some of the brightest minds in the industry and under his gaze, it is looking beyond promising.